Consulting Services

Consulting services are used both personally and professionally to help you achieve a variety of goals.  While sessions are generally $150 for 50 minutes, packages are tailored depending on specific needs and are fully agreed upon at the mandatory free consult. Pricing also depends on whether sessions are in-person or via telephone/video call.  Click here to book a free exploratory strategy session to discuss what would be most appropriate.

Personal Couple’s Coaching 

Everyone that comes in for personal sexuality coaching has a variety of reasons why. While the basics include things like intimacy, satisfaction, and time/frequency, there are specifics like defining terms, aligning expectations and employing helpful tools that each relationship, AND each individual in that relationship, needs to address. Personal coaching helps you through this process with a professional voice guiding the way.

Group Coaching

When couples need help normalizing their life or long for a community of like minded married couple, group coaching is there to meet their needs. Group caching provides an intimate setting to discuss intimate details from different perspectives while being facilitated by an expert on the topic.

Complete Wellness Coaching

Often sexuality concerns stem from other areas of our life. Many times it can be connected to deficits in our nutrition, lack of regular exercise or even misaligned sense of self. If any of these are the culprit for your sexual issues, our partners at Treux North Wellness will be able to assist. When our teams combine to address the whole person, it shows! Pairing health coaching with sexual wellness coaching is a great way to shift your sex drive into high gear.

Professional Consulting

Whether you’re a life coach that wants to integrate sexuality coaching into your practice, a business owner that wants to educate your staff about avoiding sexual harassment or a minister that wants to include a sexuality module in your marriage curriculum- Spiced Up Marriages will be happy to help! Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to meet exceed your goals!